It’s True – Success Comes in Four Colors! At Work and In Your Career..

  • Do you want a Peak Performing Team? It can all start right now with our help…
  • Do you want healthy productive communication and interactions among team members? It all starts with understanding how we communicate…
  • Do you want engaged employees who take accountability? It all starts with self-awareness…
  • Do you want a team that focuses on long term goals and strategy? It all starts with understanding team synergy…

Better Teams – Better Leaders – Better Communication all starts with:

…Talking in Colour!

Irene Anderson Coaching provides results based coaching, training and workshops based on the solid theory of temperament – or the four colors model. For over a decade, Irene has worked with corporate teams, not for profit teams and individuals, using a variety to psychometric assessments, coaching and Personality Style (Four Colors) workshops that build self-esteem, promote better teamwork, and enhance leadership skills.
Irene is a certified coach, level ll Personality Dimensions®, MBTI®, True Colors™ certified facilitator. Her workshops focus on self-discovery and self-mastery through a series of activities that are high energy, highly interactive while focused on real life application of the theory back on the job.

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